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More About Me April 23, 2010


Tumblr : http://vukizzle.tumblr.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/vukizzle

Amazon Wishlist :  http://amzn.com/w/15929S9C3V2OX

Hey kids! My name is Jennifer but everyone I know, including my bosses and my old teachers call me Vuko. I was born and raised in Las Vegas NV and I am 27 years old. I just celebrated my quarter-life crisis, but sadly I did not buy a sports car and leave my wife for a younger woman. My car insurance went down though so WOO HOO! Moving on, I enjoy things like video games (Zelda, COD, Final Fantasy, GTA, etc) , I watch more porn than most girls would admit to, I work in the nightclub/VIP services industry here in Vegas, I have 3 birds which include a sun conure named Ra, a cockatiel named Beatrix Kiddo and a parakeet named Johnny, after a character in The Outsiders. I also have two cats named Harleen Quinzel and James Logan Howlett (yes, I named my cats after comic book characters). I love zombie movies/games/literature, and I am totally convinced that one day Z Day will come. Are you prepared? I am. I am a seeker of truth and love websites like TruthIsScary.com and Infowars.com. What else..I am on twitter and I tweet a lot so follow me to find out more —> @Vukizzle


3 Responses to “More About Me”

  1. syd Says:

    something different about her that makes one pause…

  2. Bonghit Says:

    Nice bong & pipe collection, stoner.

  3. paris Says:

    Dude, I grew up in Vegas. Vegas Dr and Decatur area. I do enjoy your blog, I wasn’t bullshitting you

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