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“Hateful, Planet of the Apes Scarecrows” December 18, 2012

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The other day I was watching a movie on Netflix titled Kevin Smith:Burn In Hell and in it he addresses the group of people from the well known Westboro Baptist Church. They had a beef with him over the movie Red State (awesome movie btw) and called Kevin to inform him that they would be picketing the release of it. He actually offered the Phelps family 5 tickets to see the movie because he felt that if they were going to hold signs about how much they hated it, they should at least see it first. They not only accepted, but they went as far as to ask for 15 tickets in total. I found that interesting.

As most of you are aware, they have now planned to picket the funerals for the victims of the recent and unbelievably tragic Connecticut shootings. I read that they had claimed the shooting occurred due to “homosexuality in our country” and I just couldn’t even begin to wrap my mind around how utterly insane that sounds. Then I realized something. These hate mongering bipeds are only doing these things to get attention. Not to praise God or Jesus or to spread his word, but to get attention like some love-starved 13 year old child who was never hugged. These people are nothing but a group of total Sociopaths that only act like lunatics to feed their need to be payed attention to. Do you honestly think they would have gone to see Red State if there wasn’t a media circus involved? No way. If they truly hated the film and though it was blasphemous they would have simply picketed the movie and refused to see it. Instead, they called Smith on a podcast to inform him they would be picketing just to ensure that people heard about it. All for attention.

We can’t make them stop. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. This is a double-edged sword. We have the right to speak our minds, even if it’s the most ignorant mass of hate-vomit imaginable. We can do things to help lessen their hatred like counter-picketing them or doing what the Texas A&M students did and form a human chain to physically block them from the area, but aside from that there isn’t much else we can do. Do you really want to know how to get rid of the Westboro Baptist Church? Stop paying attention to them. Stop putting them on the news. Stop giving them air time. Stop having them be featured in interviews on national television. They thrive on that shit like a sponge sucking up liquid. The more you talk about them, even if it’s about how much you loathe them, the happier they are. Sadly, the MacManus brothers from The Boondock Saints do not exist so they are not around to exact their special brand of vigilante justice. That means we will just have to fight them in a more peaceful way. The same way your mother taught you to deter bullies in grade school: If you ignore them, eventually they will get bored and stop. Even if they still exist and are always sitting in their creepy little shack of a church singing hymns about how much the flying spaghetti monster dislikes homosexuality, at least the lack of attention will cause them to stop picketing the funerals of innocent babies and soldiers. If there weren’t going to be news articles and media coverage about it, they wouldn’t be there. That church has been open since 1955. They didn’t start with these high profile funeral protests until people started putting them on T.V. Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe they would be doing that horrible shit regardless of whether or not they would get attention for it but I honestly feel like they are nothing more than a bunch of “look ate me, look at me!” sociopaths who we need to sweep under the rug and ignore.

I’d be lying if I said my first solution wasn’t violence. There are few things in this world that would bring me more joy than to curb stomp at least half the members of that ‘church’ but at the end of the day, it is not our place to hurt others. We can’t punish them for mentally hurting people by physically hurting them. As the saying goes “An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind”. I think the hardest part of letting go of wanting pain to come to them was the mentality that they were basically “getting away with it”. No punishment for being so hateful, but sadly there is currently no law against being a bastard of a human being. Again though, it is not our place to hurt them and it would make us no better than they are to mob on them like torch wielding townspeople descending upon the location of Frankenstein’s Monster no matter how much we feel that’s what they deserve. Be the better person. Prove we are more evolved than they are. Ignore the hate.




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