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Poh-Etray April 10, 2012

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                                              A Tale of The Desert & The Sea

There was once a time when the heart of the desert fell at the sight of the blue sea.
Overcome with it’s vastness and raw power of the waves, it’s energy made her feel free.

She admired the will of the water to do as it would please.
The desert had always been resilient and strong while the sea ran wild like an endless summer breeze.

She would gaze into the water and wonder if her feelings were ever returned by her unpredictable lover.
Day after day she would wait by the edge of the sea, hoping for a sign that he would never love another.

An answer never came, and she had expected such.
If he had acted any other way, would she have loved him as much?

But the tragedy of this tale is that their love could never be,
For the lonely desert was simply not meant to love the cold sea.