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Silent Fucking and TMobile Malarkey October 20, 2011

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Greetings my loves!!! I hope you are all having a glorious day and if not, rest easy knowing that tomorrow is Friday πŸ™‚ Also the simple fact that the Little Debbie snack food corporation is still around and pumping out individually wrapped pieces of heaven should be reason enough for you to smile. Life has been very good lately and I haven’t blogged in a few weeks so I thought I would come by and give some updates about mah life. Even if nobody reads these blogs of mine I like having them around so I can come back in a few years, read them, and not only see what was going on in my life at the time but also to giggle at how silly I can be from time to time.

The dust has finally settled from the whirlwind that was Jessica moving in and things are normal once again. I must say, living with your best friend isΒ  awesome. It just feels like we are having a super extended slumber party. My sleep pattern has been a wee bit affected by it and by NO fault of hers. It is my own fault because I always wanna stay up late with her watching movies and looking at all the oddly shaped dicks on IsAnyoneUp.com even when I know I have to wake up the next day for work. The only other effect her moving in has had on me is my sex life. Not to say that I have less sex now that she lives with me, I just have much MUCH quieter sex lol Here is a Vuko Fun Fact for you: I am loud in bed. I’m not a tender moaner I am a screamer. Now that I have a roommate it’s rude to make her listen to my orgasms noises so I have been doing a really good job at not making any noise when I fuck. I have actually had some training in the art of the Quiet Fuck because when me and my boyfriend first started dating he moved in with me and my parents. We didn’t plan that it just..happened lol He would come over everyday and the first time we fell asleep in my room my Mom flung the door open and said in her angry voice “This is not a sleep-over!” but a week later he spent the night and they said nothing…so he stayed over again the next night…and the next night…and before we even realized it he was living with me and my parents and it was great. The only issue was of course the sex because the last thing I wanted was for my dad to be walking by my bedroom on the way to the kitchen only to have his ears raped with the sound of his only daughter being pounded out by her lover. Not cool. So needless to say we perfected the silent fucking and now that we have a roommate it is time to bust out those skills again so I don’t make the living situation awkward with my yells of pleasure. I really don’t wanna ever hear my friends fucking and I’m sure she feels the same way lol We decorated our place for Halloween too and here are some pictures of that:

The Neat Glow In The Dark tree on Jessica's bedroom door

The bloody weapon hangy-majigger that runs the length of my living room window

The classic "Do Not Enter" door tape

The Zombie guy next to my year-round zombie posters πŸ™‚

Oooohs Ahhhhhhs


We went to Tmobile yesterday in an attempt to get the upgraded version of my phone but sadly..we encountered a bit of malarkey so now I still have my bastard phone. I brought it in because it had several technical issues like the fact that whenever I restarted my phone it would resend all of my old text messages thus making me look like an idiot to everyone in my contacts. It didn’t download picture messages due to an “unknown error”. The camera took waaaaay too long to take a picture. The lock button works funny. The keyboard has typing issues. Soo many things. Jessica bitched about her lame phone and Tmobile was like “Oh let us give you a new one” but when I bitched about the SAME phone…they told me they would have to update my current phone ans that I didn’t need a new one. Which is funny cuz I pay insurance each month for that phone as well as the money I pay each month on my warranty..so you’d think they would just give me a NEW one since it would cost them nothing at all but nay. They took my phone in the back for 30 minutes while they “ran an update” and of course the entire time I was worried about them lurking through all the pictures on my phone of me half-nekkid or with a dick in my mouth. Handing over my phone like that felt like someone was reading my diary lol I didn’t like it. So now my phone is updated which means that I guess they changed the color of the text message box or something lame like that. Not much of an update really…it’s the same stupid-non-working phone I had before but now the onscreen keyboard is “pretty”. Quite the update Tmobile. Thanks a bunch. Pig fucking sons of bitches.