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Reliving My Youth (drunk at the park) September 12, 2011

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Greetings my little love muffins!!! Welcome to yet another blog post from yours truly. I had a nice weekend so I decided to make a wee post about it so without further adieu, I bring you…words:

My weekend began on a pretty unexciting note. I made cookies and went grocery shopping. Then as I was sitting at home, minding my own business, my older brother called me and this was the conversation:

Me: Herrooooo?

Jeff: Hey! What’s up? What are you doin?

Me: Nothin…just watching South Park. What’s goin on with you?

Jeff: Not much, I just wanted to call and say “I love you” but i’ll let you get back to your show. Bye.

Now at this point the look on my face is that of sheer confusion and bewilderment. My brother is 4 years olde than me and growing up he and I didn’t really get along and to say that is an understatement. It would be more appropriate to say that I’m shocked neither of us is in therapy now. We get along better now that we are older but not to the point where we call eachother up and say “I love you man!” So as soon as I hung up the phone my mind started to crank a bit and the first thought I had was “He is going to kill himself or something..that can be the only logical reason as to why he would call just for the sole purpose of telling me he loves me.” Is that sad? lol My own brother can’t even call to say something nice without me thinking it’s him giving me his last farewell. I called him back and bluntly said “You confused me and now I think you are going to off yourself, are you ok.?” He laughed at me then assured me he had no intention of ending his life and that he just wanted to call me. He then told me that he just watched the film Your Highness so maybe all the pot smoking in said movie reminded him of me, who knows. It was odd though. The next day I had to go run “adult” errands. I got my car smogged so that I could re-register my plates which was not so bad. I had never done that on my own before so I half expected the mechanic to try and overcharge me but nay, all was good. Then I had to go to the DMV but thank little baby Jesus I went to one that had a Kiosk so I was in and out of that bitch in under 10 minutes. After that I decided to go to Joann’s Fabric store to buy little sparkley things to glue onto my bedroom mirror and I saw this fucking thing:

What does that even MEAN? Like…are you on fire in your pants for Jesus? I am confused. After that I went home to get ready for a night out with my two favorite females in Las Vegas Whitney and Jessica. Most of you from Twitter already know Jessica from all of our tweets to eachother but Whitney is a girl I have known since 6th grade which was about…14 or 15 years ago. I suck at math but you get the general idea, she is my oldest and dearest friend. One of my first memories of Whitney is her coming out to me in 7th grade which didn’t surprise me at all cuz the Spice Girls were big at the time and she really liked them. I mean REALLY liked them, so I kinda already knew before she told me lol We went to a local bar near my place and had a few drinks. The three of us basically hung out there in the dining room talking for hours and annoying everyone else into leaving the room. I guess our combined awesomeness was too much for the muppets to handle.

Then we went and hung out in the parking lot so Whitney could smoke her cigarettes and I could smoke my reefer lol Things got a little weird:

Whitney had to go home cuz she had to work the next day but me and Jessica were all fired up on weed and Long Island Ice teas so we went to another bar downtown called Don’t Tell Momma. If you ever come to Vegas please go there, I love this place. They always have hot gay men playing the piano and awesome drinks I can’t pronounce the name of. Good times. After that bar we went to a park near Jessica’s place and hung out there being children and drunkenly doing gymnastics on the play bars.


Aaaand then we took a picture of our butts. Jessica was reluctant at first cuz she had on what she referred to as “giant grandma panties” but she did it anyway and we love her for that. She has much cuter panties than this but I caught her on an off day so let’s not hold it against her πŸ˜‰

I'm the one in the red and white πŸ˜€

When we were in high school and didn’t have anyplace else to go to drink my friends and I always hung out at the parks around town and got drunk. That is pretty much how we spent all of our weekends from grade 10 until about age 21 when drinking wasn’t fun anymore cuz it became legal and much easier to do. I can take you to any park in Vegas and show you a place where have a memory. “Right over there is where I threw up after too much vodka..oh! and right over here, I blacked out and woke up half naked with a bus ticket to Idaho in my pocket.”

Sunday was a pretty laid back day, I nursed my hangover with weed and gatorade then played video games almost all day. I kept switching off between GTA Vice City and Sonic Mega Collection for the Gamecube. The only thing I did all day that involved any effort was baking a ham for dinner like the domesticated animal that I am. I hope you all have a great day and thanks for reading my randomness πŸ˜€


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