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Half n Halfs and Subtitles July 5, 2011

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I was watching some ‘adult films’ with my boyfriend last night and a thought occurred to me. Ya know when you are watching a really hot scene and the two people keep whispering stuff to eachother and you can’t tell what they are saying, but you can tell it’s something sexy? You can’t exactly ask the actors to speak up since yelling “Your cock feels so good!” makes it lose it’s sexiness and also makes you look a little crazed so my suggestion is subtitles in porn. Closed captioning maybe? Not in the sense that it is in the porn and you can’t change it but just offer that as a special feature like have an option that says: “To Hear The Dirty Talk, Click Here!” or something lol I don’t know man, SOMEthing. Does this already exist in porn? I wonder if the closed captioning on my t.v can pick up the subtle words of naughtiness being uttered into the ears of hot adult film stars…hmm.Maybe they aren’t saying anything sexy at all. Perhaps they are having deep philosophical debates about quantum mechanics and chemical engineering. You may think they are saying things like “oh baby I love that cock” but in all actuality they are really saying “oh baby I love that renal chloride re-absorption.”  That is probably where the term ‘Talk nerdy to me’ originated. Hyper-Intelligent porn stars.

"You are such a hot mass of hydrocarbon baby"

On a side note, I have lately been perfecting my hand-job skills. I already feel as though my blowies are up to par so I just have to work on the old-fashioned. I’ve recently started doing what I refer to as a ‘half-n-half’. This basically entails you blowing him until your jaw starts to hurt then you switch into a hand job to finish him off so it’s half a blowie and half a hand job 🙂 My boyfriend seems to really enjoy this new technique of mine so I suggest trying it out at home with your lover, if you haven’t already. I’m sure people have been doing this for years and years but it’s new to me and plus I gave it a cute name so booya.


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