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New Years Eve in Las Vegas July 1, 2011

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At the closing of each year people all over the world, regardless of race or religious beliefs all celebrate a global holiday. One final party to say farewell to the past and welcome in the future with open, and typically drunken arms. I speak of course about New Years Eve. New Years is one of the very few holidays in existence that is celebrated by not just one group like Americans on the Fourth of July and Christmas for only those that believe in it but by all the people of the world. This truly makes it a special event. Knowing that all across the globe, people are ringing in the New Year in their own towns gives one a sense of togetherness and unity. Some cities make New Years Eve into the biggest party of the year like the well known mass gathering at Times Square in New York where they traditionally drop the giant ball as the clock strikes midnight. Las Vegas has been giving New York a run for it’s money in the past several years in terms of the ultimate party destination for New Years Eve by bringing in the biggest names in entertainment and throwing the most talked about bashes at the top clubs. New Years Eve in Vegas is truly a sight to be seen. Thousands upon thousands of people flooding the Vegas Strip turning the once traffic ridden street into a living river of bodies. The lines at the nightclubs go from slightly long to “Sweet lord, look at that line!”. If you do plan on coming to Vegas for New Years I highly suggest planning ahead. By which I mean figure out what you want to do when you arrive at least 2-3 weeks in advance. If you are waiting it out to see which celebrity will be at which club you may be out of luck as most clubs don’t release their guest host until a week prior to the actual event date. They have also been known to simply say they will have a “surprise host” leaving you to only guess who will be there so trying to plan around a certain celeb isn’t the best way to go. I recommend picking the venue first. Look around online and see which clubs appear as though they will suit your group best based upon the pictures and reviews from past clientele on websites like Yelp. Also keep in mind that regardless of where you go, you will be spending some money so make sure it’s at a place you enjoy so that you won’t be left with the bitter thoughts of “If I knew I was gonna spend this much I would have gone to *** instead!”


{I had written this post for our companies website and liked it so I wanted to share on my personal blog}


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