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Zombie Prom!!! June 27, 2011

Hello my Loves!!! Did you have a nice weekend? Has anyone asked you yet if you are suffering from a case of the Mondays? Did you resist the urge to sock that person in the jaw? Good for you! Well I don’t know about you guys but I had a pretty kick-ass weekend. As most of you already know from my previous blog post and numerous tweets, I attended the annual Zombie Prom on Friday and it was AWESOME. I ended up picking the purple dress from our dress hunt because as I said, it felt like the dress that Prince would have picked….had he been shopping with me at Goodwill. Which would have been rad. But I digress. After work on Friday I went home and me and Jessica (my bestie and date for ZP) started getting ready immediately. Well, almost immediately. First we had to smoke the awesome new bong that my lover bought us.

Zee Bong

Then Jessica torso danced on my couch like the goofball that she is. Which is yet another reason I lurve her so dam much šŸ™‚

After the upper-body dancing had ended it was then time to put on the layers of makeup necessary to make us look like undead bitches. Oh…but first we did this:


We are currently practicing for the Extreme Ducklipping competition that is to be held in the fall of this year. I hear it’s even gonna be an Olympic sport now. Anywho, we did eventually start getting ready and it looked something like this:

Annnnnd here is the finished product of the hour and half makeup applications:

This is what I looked like when we were done šŸ™‚


Aaaaaaaaaaaand this is what my sink looked like when we were done lol

Suuuuch a mess. Fake skin and blood eeeeverywhere.

After we got ready we got into my car..very carefully so as not to get too much crap all over the inside of my car meaning I didn’t want zombie makeup all over my seats but, meh. What can ya do. It was inevitable. Once we got the Downtown, which is where the Zombie Prom was being held, we parked the car and began the loong walk to the Bunkhouse. Now…idk why we chose to park so very far but, well, we did. We had to walk a few blocks dressed as zombies so naturally ever 5 minutes we got some random dude trying to talk to us and we ignored all of them except for one guy who said “Heeey vampires!!” to which I said “ZOMBIES!” I am not a fucking pussy vampire you asshole. I am a zombie god dam it. Once we got there we had a few drinks and waited for my brother to show up with his friends. We were pretty much drunk by the time they got there lol


This is me and my big brother Jeff šŸ™‚

Yeah...he is such a ladies man šŸ˜›

Me and Ashley

This is me and Ashley a girl I have known since high school and she is amazing. In fact, she is so cute, here is a gratuitous picture of her:

And now back to the zombie prom lol This dude was there which was great and he had dressed like a lady.

They also had a bunch of live bands which was awesome. The bands consisted mostly of angry women which is fine with me, I love pissed of chick rockers yelling incoherently into the mic while flipping off the audience, woooooo!

After awhile I started to get restless so me and Jessica went to get McDonalds. We spent the rest of the evening smoking a joint and drunkenly eating fast food in my car which was a great way to end the night. Then I went home and took a nice drunk shower and let me say, showering when you are shit-faced is way more fun than a sober shower.

STOP, shower time

I think from now on I am gonna get wasted before each of my showers just to make them more interesting. This is what my car looked like the next day:

Note the "this is where I put out the joint" mark and the fake skin everywhere lol

The next day I woke up with a suuuuper lame hangover so I spent most of the day being extra lazy. I laid on the couch eating chocolates and watching Tales From The Hood.

I also got this foxy little outfit in the mail over the weekend and decided to put it on for my man so when he came home from work he would walk in the door and see his woman dressed like a tramp šŸ™‚ He works at a nightclub where he is surrounded by hot sluts that are all sauced up on vodka and looking to fuck so I like to be sure and remind him that he doesn’t need to go out for burgers when he has a steak at home šŸ˜‰

I also noticed my left arm is pretty much an entirely different color than the rest of my body

lol This is because when I drive home from work mon-fri the sun hits my left arm and only my left arm so it has tanned and made it look as though my arm doesn’t belong to me. It makes me feel like Wrath from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. If you have never seen that show, go watch it now because it is fucking amazing and once you finally see Wrath the joke I just made will totally make sense and you will “lol” and it will be good. And that is all I have to say about thaaaat. So have a wonderful day and even if you are having a shitty day you should cheer up because life is good šŸ™‚ Don’t believe me? Check this out:

I don’t even know what this is, or where you can get one, but all I know is that looking at this gives me hope for tomorrow. It let’s me know “hey, don’t be sad. The world is full of stuff like this. One day..you shall nom on this.” And that gives me strength to get through each day. Some people have God, I have cakes and pies.


3 Responses to “Zombie Prom!!!”

  1. Dab Says:

    Did you drive home? šŸ˜¦

    Sad Panda

    • vukizzle Says:

      Well, yes I did which was a bad idea and I suck for that but if it makes you feel any better I totally made it home ok and didn’t run over any puppies on the way home so I am good this time. That’s probably only the second time in my entire life I have driven while intoxicated so I try to not do it but sometimes humans do stupid things. Just look at the uniforms they have to wear at Hot Dog on a Stick. Whoever thought those up was a stupid, cruel man.

  2. Chris Says:

    Glad you had fun at the Zombie Prom :).
    Hangovers suck, but marathons are the best way to get rid of them! Thank goodness for DVD collections and Netflix.
    The arm tan is funny though, I’ve never seen anything like it! šŸ˜›
    You’re secure šŸ˜® If my significant other worked at a nightclub I’d be on-edge all day everyday xD.
    Anyway, get money, get paid Vuko! šŸ™‚

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