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The Quest For The Dress June 17, 2011

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Hello my loves!!! Happy Friday to you all 🙂 As most of you already know from all of my Tweets, zombie prom is coming up next week. For those just now catching up Vegas holds an event each year which is like a prom for adults only everyone dresses up like zombies going to a prom so.. poofy dresses and fake blood everywhere. Good times. My date this year is my favorite female in Las Vegas, Jessica and yesterday we went on  a wee quest to find dresses for zee prom. First we had to smoke a bit though since we all know that daily activities are made all the more amusing by reefer.

Jessica hitting my dugout 🙂

I’d like to point out that I post a lot of pictures of my dugout and it looks like a cigarette but I assure you all I DO NOT smoke cigarettes. Ew. No thank you. Now, moving on I knew that I was just going to ruin the dress with zombie makeup and blood so I didn’t want to spend much money on the outfit. We chose to visit a magical land of random knick-knacks and smelly clothing. A place where one can purchase a VHS copy of Demolition Man as well as a pair of golf shoes and a slightly used walker all in one location. Some of you know this establishment by the name Goodwill. I call it heaven. Luckily for us they had a slew of dresses to choose from and we gathered up all of the most ridiculously cliché prom dresses we could find and frolicked off to the dressing room to try on our awesome finds. Since the name of the event is Zombie Prom we wanted to get super-extra prom-ish dresses from the 90s which, there were plenty of there. Here are some of the gems I found:


This black dress was awesome. I am pretty sure it was made for 12 year olds cuz I couldn’t zip it up in the back but it was a neat little dress and it made me a sad panda that it didn’t fit right cuz I would have rocked that dress like a hurricane.


Yet another amazingly puffy dress. This one actually fit me though and I gave serious consideration to buying this thing for the sole purpose of running around my house in it when nobody is home like some kind of little fairy or some shit.

ooh lalaThis one I was actually surprised to find there since it was genuinely nice lol Most of the dresses there seems as though they were made for comical reasons but this one was pretty cute. I also feel like this is the dress Prince would have selected.

Virgin Suicides

Ah the little white dress. I felt like one of the broads from the movie The Virgin Suicides. The next dress (the red one) is hands down the most silly looking thing I found that day. When I was wearing it I could swear I was an extra from the Prom episode of Beverly Hills 90210, the one where Brenda finally lets Dylan’s fine ass hit that.


So which dress did I end up choosing for zombie prom? Did I get one that wasn’t pictured here??? When will Timmy get out of the well?!?! Find out the answers to these questions and more in the next exciting blog edition of Vuko’s Life!

But wait, there’s more! Later that evening a couple that I know from Twitter was coming to town and I wanted to hang/smoke out with them so after the dress-hunt was over I went home to pick up my boyfriend and headed over to their hotel room. Meeting people from online is always sketchy. Sure you can see what they look like from their facebook and get a general idea of their personality from their posts but some people are extra-crazy psycho killers who eat skin and wear vaginas as hats so ya never know if you are meeting a cute lady or an ax murderer. Luckily in this case it was the former. If you don’t follow @RosePants on twitter I highly suggest you start. This girl is so fucking cute.

Honestly it was hard not to jump on her and administer the face licking but nay, I resisted the urge cuz I didn’t want to frighten her. Usually face licking is reserved for a second meeting 🙂 Anywho, we smoked a shit-load of weed and talked about stuff-n-junk. It was pretty nice to meet another girl who can smoke like a chimney. Most chicks stop after the first two blunts but Rose kept going like a champ. Our boyfriends were there too but they were deep into some random conversation about lord knows what so who cares lol That is pretty much it! We went home around 12:30/1am so I am a little tired at work today but it was totally worth it. I’ve only met a handful of people from Twitter in real life and thus far they have all been fucking awesome. I only meet people who are either couples or a girl. I will not come meet you if you are just some dude, sorry, homie don’t play that.

Have a great rest of the day and enjoy your weekend!!!! My next blog will be after the zombie prom so I should have some awesome pics for you guys then 🙂


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