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I Have A New Favorite Artist November 30, 2010

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And his name is Joshia Hoffine. I was looking for pictures to post to my Tumblr account earlier and when I put in “Creepy photography” a lot of his work came up in the Google image search. Now, for those of you who don’t know me I am a big fan of all things creepy and unusual so naturally I was drawn to his spooky art. I have included some pictures so that you can see what I am talking about and experience their awesomeness for yourself. Enjoy!


The Walking Dead November 5, 2010

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As most of you know, I am a lover of all things zombie so naturally when I found out that AMC would be doing a zombie television series I just about skeeted with joy. Now as many of you don’t know I am anti-cable t.v for numerous reasons so I missed the first episode when it debuted earlier this week. I did however get a chance to watch it today on AMC’s website. Also *high five* to them for making said episode available online for people like me. So what was my opinion on the first episode of  The Walking Dead? To sum it up in two words: Cautiously optimistic.

The show begins with two piggies…ahem..officers of the law, chatting in a police car when they are called away to assist in a high-speed pursuit. They put out spike strips and send the Vanishing Point wanna be flipping off the road at which point several men emerge from the vehicle…don’t know how they survived the crash but, whatever. The dudes open fire on the cops and the cops respond by killing the baddies. The main character of the show (Rick Grimes) drops his guard like a bad little piggie and gets shot. In a scene that is very reminiscent of 28 Days Later Rick awakens in the hospital to find that he is alone and his flowers have died 😦 After searching the hospital he soon realizes that shit has apparently hit the fan. There is a half eaten corpse in the hallway and a room with chains on the door that holds numerous zombies. He then escapes the hospital through a dark stairwell (big mistake in my opinion but hey, he had to get out of there somehow) and finds himself on the streets of his beloved city, surrounded by dead people. Not the walking dead people but actual dead dead people. He wanders over to an abandoned military station where my first move would have been to search for weapons or fly one of those helicopters out of there. Note to self: Learn to fly a helicopter as this will come in handy during the zombocalypse. Instead he finds a bicycle next to half a zombie and peddles his ass on home in search of his cheating whore wife woman and child. Sadly when he arrives he learns that they have peaced the fuck out and are nowhere to be found. Then begins the waaay to long crying scene where he turns into a girl and whines for 10 minutes. After regaining his balls he walks outside and plops down on the ground, trying to collect himself when he sees a body walking down the street toward him. Now, one would think that after seeing all he has seen in the last hour or so that he would know it’s a friggin zombie meandering towards him but no…he extends his arm into the air and motions to the zombie as if to say “Hey, hey you! Yeah, you over there. Come eat me, im stupid.” Luckily for him he is saved by a father, son, and a smack in the dome with a shovel. I don’t blame the kid for whacking whitey upside the head with a shovel. Better safe than sorry in that kind of situation and given his bandage he may have very well been infected. The father and son take Rick to a home which they have fortified. The father and son (Morgan and Duane) have quite the tragic story to tell. Duane’s mother fell ill and became one of the undead. She wanders the property of the home they are in but Morgan can’t quite bring himself to put his beloved wife out of her misery. After bringing Morgan and Duane to the police station with him, Rick then stocks up on ammo and weapons and leaves his fellow survivors in hopes of locating his lost wife and son who are now in hiding in the woods with Ricks fellow policemen and friend Shane who…apparently, is pounding his wife Lori on the side. The episode ends with Rick riding all Lone Ranger status into Atlanta on a horse and directly into a giant crowd of flesh eating zombies which the show refers to as “walkers”. I for one haaate that name. Reminds me too much of the Imperial Walkers from Star Wars. The lamest part in the entire episode is that the poor little horsie gets eaten by zombies :*( So not cool. The episode closes with Rick trapped inside of a tank that he decided to crawl unde to avoid meeting the same fate as Mr. Ed and a mysterious voice coming from the walkie-talkie he finds inside the tank. Is it the voice of a fellow survivor who just happen to be watching at the time? Perhaps it’s Jesus. We will just have to wait until next week to find out in the next exciting episode of  The Walking Dead. Overall I liked it. I just really hope it doesn’t end up getting lame as they seek out new ideas for episodes. I’d hate for it to become like the show Lost where eventually I just threw up my arms in a Kanye shrug and said ” I don’t even care anymore.” BUT my hopes are high for this show. I am confident that the next episodes will all be as good, if not better than the series premier.

The Hero of the show: Rick Grimes


Shane, the best friend of Rick

Lori, the tramp who is cheating on Rick with Shane and his giant nose.