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Paying It Forward: Sans The Stabbing Scene May 6, 2010

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The following blog was inspired by something that I happen to witness on my way to work/cubicle hell this morning. I see the same homeless man everyday at the same spot over on Flamingo Ave. and I like to give him some ones whenever I have some extra in my wallet. I usually don’t fork out my cash but when I see someone who genuinely looks as though they are need I like to help out even if it’s just enough for one meal off the dollar menu. The fools with the cardboard signs and brand new shoes, looking like they just need some gas money….they get nothing from me. But I digress. So I was passing said homeless man on Falmingo this morning and this is what I saw: He was shaking hands with a man who was dressed as though he was on his way to work, who was handing him a moderately sized bag. I am unsure as to what the contents of the bag were as it was purple and sadly I don’t have wicked cool X-Ray vision like Superman…..yet.
It always warms my heart to see human beings being nice to each other.If you follow my tweets you know I believe in humanity as a whole, like one giant living being. We are all connected to each other and the universe and it’s about time we stopped being so douchey towards eachother, don’t ya think? I do. I would love to start some kind of movement similar to the one featured in the film Pay It Forward with Haley Joel Osment back when he was all cheek-pinchy cute. Just imagine, you open the door for another man who in turn, later that day gives an extra friendly smile to another person who was having a shitty day and is now smiling since we all know that smiles are contagious, just like Herpes. Something as simple as a smile could cause a ripple effect that could reach to the other side of the globe. I know, I live in a dream world. The weather here is lovely and the Mayor is John Lennon. So I ask you, try to start paying it forward in your own life. Go out of your way, just ONE time a day to make someone elses day a little brighter. See someone pushing their broken down car? Get off your fat ass and help them push. See a circus midget trying desperately to reach that box of Cheerios on the top shelf? Help the hobbit out. Do your part and maybe one day we will be able to walk down the street with a smile on our faces without people thinking we are twacked out on psychedelic drugs. Increase the Peace. Now excuse me while I go hug a tree.